(January 2019)

WORLD CINEMA(Films over 60 minutes)
Beneath - A Cave Horror Film/JJ Perez/United States/Fiction
Music Of Freedom: A Brief History of Ryazan Metal/Maxim Poltavchenko/Russian Federation/Documentary

SHORT COMPETITION(Films between 5 and 45 minutes)
Abstraction/Anthony Raus/United States/Fiction
Aunty Ji/Adeeb Rais/India/Fiction
Bonsai Dream/Jimmie Chiverelli/Canada/Fiction
Born To Die/Thomas McQuillan/United Kingdom/Fiction
Breakup Box/Bryan Firks/United States/Fiction
Collision/Tiffany Rhodes/United States/Fiction
Doctor Cohen/Matheus Benites/Brazil/Fiction
Ghost in the Attic/Stephan Nielsen/United Kingdom/Fiction
Grave Expectations/Andy Burkitt/Australia/Fiction
Honor/Morgan Aiken, Kankana Chakraborty/United States/Fiction
Impatience/Onur Ulucanlı/Turkey/Fiction
Interesting people in New York City/Chaw Khanawutikarn/Thailand/Documentary
Kushtaka/Cameron Currin/United States/Experimental
Light Matter/Virgil Widrich/Austria/Experimental
Marco/Alberto Pérez/Spain/Fiction
Monarch Butterfly/Clyde Baldo/United States/Fiction
Not Myself/Michelle D. Ivy/United States/Fiction
One Way/Kushaal Chawla/United States/Fiction
Papa-Figo/Alex Reis/Brazil/Fiction
Public Toilets of Auckland/Phoebe Driver/New Zealand/Documentary
Rancour/Sebastian Ukwa/Nigeria/Fiction
Rezzurekt/Travis Darkow/United States/Experimental
Rue du Four/Natalia Benzaquen/France/Fiction
Skógafoss/Niels Bourgonje/Netherlands/Fiction
The Little Trumpeter/Ching-Lo Hsu/France/Fiction
The Locals/Alpha Nicky/France/Documentary
The Seer/Aldivan Teixeira Torres/Brazil/Animation
The Survivor's Guide of a Newspaper Carrier/Klifford Barkus/United States/Fiction
To the Moon and Back/Zoe Logston/United States/Fiction

IDEA(Films under 5 minutes)
Boat/Pete Burkeet/United States/Animation
Do You Hear Me?/Fernando G. Pliego/Spain/Fiction
For Mothers and Children/Jose Padilha/Brazil/Fiction
From Skin to Heart/Chaw Khanawutikarn/Thailand/Experimental
It Walks At Night/Khalyn Moore, Sofia Quintana/United States/Fiction
Lingering Effect/Jeff Vande Zande/United States/Fiction
The Death Of The Dragon/Aldivan Teixeira Torres/Brazil/Animation
The Law of Retribution/Aldivan Teixeira Torres/Brazil/Animation

Heroin Z/Dawn Brown/United States
Nena & Dave Stewart: Be my Rebel/Virgil Widrich/Germany

Mannequin/Pete Burkeet/United States

Dark Ages: Rise of Charlemagne/Alex Zarfati II/United States
Untreated/Alex Zarfati II/United States

And I Will Love You All of Forever, and Ever After/Jose Padilha/Brazil/Short Film Scenario
Beyond First Sight/Adriana Jungbluth/Brazil/Short Film Scenario
Blood & Tears/Andre Mateus/Portugal/Short Film Scenario
Caged/Travis Darkow/United States/Short Film Scenario
Detention/Amelia Gilday/Australia/Short Film Scenario
Fable of the Jade Tiger/Jason Anthony Fisher/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Lilith The Vampire/Jose Padilha, Yoya Wursch/Brazil/Full-length Film Scenario
Lost! Funny?/James Abrams/United States/Short Film Scenario
Midnight Snack/Chanley F. Rogers/United States/Short Film Scenario
Mob Tour/Jason Anthony Fisher/United States/Short Film Scenario
Pinwheel/Michael McDonald/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Retail Therapy/Travis Darkow/United States/Short Film Scenario
Six Hours to Santa Monica/Dallas Gibson/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Last Supper/Andre Mateus/Portugal/Short Film Scenario
Unredeemable/Mikael Yeterian/Canada/Short Film Scenario
Voyeur/Travis Darkow/United States/Short Film Scenario
White Raven/Dawn Brown/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
WYRD/Dawn Brown/United States/Short Film Scenario
Your Absence In A Blue Cup/Andrea Cohim/Brazil/Short Film Scenario
Z/Jose Padilha/Brazil/Full-length Film Scenario