(October 2018)

WORLD CINEMA(Films over 60 minutes)
The Promise/Daniel Beard/United States/Fiction
KUTUMBERI SAINO/Ganesh Gurung/Nepal/Fiction
Lost In Apocalypse/Sky Wang/China/Fiction
There's Always One/George Massimillo/United States/Fiction
Excursion/Martin Grof/Not Specified/Fiction
Buchcha/Pankaj Kumar/India/Fiction
This World Alone/Jordan Noel/United States/Fiction
Il Dominio della Lacrima - Lacrymosa/Manuel Koch/Italy/Fiction
Detective Dover/Tor Gudmestad/United Kingdom/Fiction
Half Empty/Half Full/Andy Gershenzon/United States/Fiction
The History of Everything Circa 1993 to the Present/Wayne Keeley/United States/Fiction
The Sessions/Bobby Pimentel/United States/Fiction

SHORT COMPETITION(Films between 5 and 45 minutes)
A Mi Manera/Candice Torres/United States/Fiction
Comeback/Reza Sayah/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Documentary
Conquer the World/Federico Del Buono/Italy/Fiction
dis/quiet/Monia De Lauretis, Edward Cutarella/Italy/Fiction
Dogma/Guilherme Dessa/Portugal/Fiction
Drawn/Fareed Kairon/France/Fiction
I Will Crush You & Go To Hell/Fabio Soares, Célia Paysan/France/Fiction
Iku Manieva/Isaac Ruiz Gastélum/Mexico/Experimental
Indentured/Abigail Dorothy Parker/United States/Fiction
It's Almost 8/Charlotte Domingos/France/Fiction
Mariposa/Carolina Gudiño Gallegos/Mexico/Fiction
Moving On/Darren Summersby/Canada/Fiction
Mr. Kiss/Afonso Henrique/United States/Fiction
PAPERCUT/Damian Overton/Australia/Fiction
PARICHAY/Amrit Raj/India/Fiction
Point of bifurcation/Leonid Gardash/Russian Federation/Experimental
Roots/Morgan Hamilton-Lee, Bex Randles/United States/Fiction
Shadows/Kiriakos Kotsinis/Greece/Fiction
Sunshine Vice/Joseph LaGuidice/United States/Fiction
The 4th Floor/Pedram Ganji/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Fiction
The Burial/Patricia Delso Lucas/Canada/Experimental
The Centennial Truck: Tom's Piece of History/Konnor Tierney/United States/Documentary
The Game of the Clock/Michele Olivieri/United Kingdom/Fiction
The Grind Message/Niels Christian Askholm/Denmark/Documentary
The Grintingales /Winterhalter Liza Maria/France/Fiction
TRAITOR/Rit Saraswat/United States/Fiction
With Love, Joey./Joey Ooi Bee Law/Malaysia/Documentary
Youth/Yasemin Demirci/United Kingdom/Fiction

IDEA(Films under 5 minutes)
A lost penny/Madeleine Clair/France/Fiction
Absorbed/Nicholas Dragas/Canada/Fiction
Cutthroat/Kevin Hindriks/Philippines/Fiction
FILMESQUE/Vincenzo De Sio, Walton Zed (Davide Capasso)/Italy/Animation
One New Notification/Dana Chis, Lavinia Botirca/United Kingdom/Animation
Stitch Siobhán Smith/United Kingdom/Animation

Shaoxing Nomad/Lane Shi/United States

BEANCOUNTER/STAN BARTON/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
Behind the Eyes of the Wolf/Andrew Huggins/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
Cardboard Box/Bernhard Riedhammer/Not Specified/Short Film Scenario
Chiku San/Mark Bousfield/United Kingdom/Full-Length Film Scenario
Coyote and the Dust-devil/Jonah Jones/United Kingdom/Full-Length Film Scenario
Flying Lessons/Sarah Waldron/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
Herculean Task/Mark Allard-Will/Canada/Short Film Scenario
Hoodoo/Kenya Carlton/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
Indian Billy Ice/Jerry Stephen Ice/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
IVY/Stefan Dinu, Iulia Roman/Romania/Short Film Scenario
Joseph../Ian Davies/United Kingdom/Full-Length Film Scenario
Last Breath/Sierra Moeykens/United States/Short Film Scenario
Look Alive/James Brosnahan/United States/Short Film Scenario
Make it Real/Clara de Souza Davila/Brazil/Short Film Scenario
Marked/Emily Haigh/United Kingdom/Short Film Scenario
Office Guns/Mark Allard-Will/Canada/Short Film Scenario
PARU/Dhritish Kumar Ray/India/Full-Length Film Scenario
POLARIS/Casey Laing/Canada/Full-Length Film Scenario
The Homecoming/Young-Sung Chung/Korea, Republic of/Short Film Scenario
We Just Need Some Money/Matteo Valentini/United Kingdom/Full-Length Film Scenario