(October 2018)

WORLD CINEMA(Films over 60 minutes)
A Second Chance/Daniel Beard/United States/Fiction
Double Riddle, What Color Do You See?/Fernando Castro/United States/Fiction
Eleven Eleven/Chris Redish/United States/Fiction
Finding Desmond/Antonio Jefferson/United States/Fiction
In The Moment/Miles Triplett/United States/Fiction
Shithead/Mike Morelli/United States/Fiction
The Blue Tooth Virgin/Russell Brown/United States/Fiction
The Uncle's flower shop/Young Cheol Jang/Korea, Republic of/Fiction
Unexpected Confrontation/Luis Lobato Macedo/Portugal/Fiction

SHORT COMPETITION(Films between 5 and 45 minutes)
Accelerate/Joshua van 't Hoff/Netherlands/Fiction
Ad Infinitum/Murat Çetinkaya/Turkey/Fiction
ALL MY LIGHTS/Thebia Marie-Karine/French Guiana/Fiction
Almost Living/Ben Bishop/United States/Fiction
An Opportunist/Matt Page/United Kingdom/Fiction
Believer/AALI LEGHARI/Pakistan/Fiction
Colorado Counties: A Journey in Watercolor/Ronnie Cramer/United States/Experimental
D.P.D. Echo 1(Series-Proof of Concept)/Joe Malouf/United States/Fiction
DREAMER/Mafer Roussell/United States/Fiction
GAB/Gazanfer BIRICIK/France/Fiction
Gasp/Constance McIntyre/United States/Fiction
Gloria/Joëlle Arseneau/Canada/Fiction
HOPE/Cem Arslan/Germany/Fiction
I kill myself, twice/Doan Bui Hanh Tien, Doan Mai Khanh/Viet Nam/Fiction
Life is a " Fairy Tale"/Avishkar Amar, Hitesh Tejwani/India/Fiction
One Way Ticket/Mark James Birch/United Kingdom/Experimental
PERFORATIONS/Slobodan Tomić/Croatia/Experimental
Pickpocket/Madeleine Clair/France/Fiction
Rest Stop/Stephen Baxter/Canada/Fiction
Sound Sleep/Bharathkumar Balemane/United States/Fiction
Stardust & Moonbeams/Terri Farley-Teruel/United States/Fiction
Sub Rosa/James McFerron/United States/Fiction
T.S.A./Jason Taylor/United States/Fiction
Teamwork/John Hudak/United States/Fiction
The Church/Anders Helde/Denmark/Fiction
The Emperor's Wife in Love/DC Brandon/Canada/Fiction
The Grimoire Chapters: Rem/Michael Davis//United States/Fiction
The Northern Outpost/Filip Hjalmarsson/Sweden/Fiction
The Reason for Living/Benjamin Knoebl/United States/Fiction
The Rules/Evgeniy Zverev/Russian Federation/Experimental
The Time Machine/Gabriel Radu, Bogdan Marinescu/Romania/Fiction
The Tooth/Nalin Galkanda Arachchi/Sri Lanka/Fiction
The Tragic Account of the Untimely yet Decidedly Nonviolent Death of Francis Bartholomew Bucket III/Tyler Savino/United States/Fiction

IDEA(Films under 5 minutes)
Compensation/Chu-Yi Chen/China/Fiction
Dream Plucker/Ariel Dzino/Australia/Fiction
I'll Have What She's Having/Vincent Dorazio/United States/Fiction
INGRAIN/Konstantina Koulpouzi/Greece/Fiction
InspirART/Sameera Vemparala/India/Fiction
Memory of our Peers/Brice Veneziano/France/Fiction
The Zero Percent/John Osborne/Canada/Animation
Tremore/Anh Tú Nguyen/Germany/Animation

Music Video
Social Butterfly/Dane Parsons/Australia

Black ink pearl Ruth Finnegan/Not Specified/Full-Length Film Scenario
Dirty Winds/Andrew Huggins/United States/Short film Scenario
Dispirited Dreaming/Adam Sturman/United Kingdom/Short film Scenario
"Forbidden Fruit"/Timothy Lasiter/United States/Short film Scenario
Friend's Best Man/Rima Lyn/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
GIRL SNIPER/Louise Johnson/United Kingdom/Short film Scenario
Homecoming/Kevin Capie/United States/Short film Scenario
I'm Here/Steve Nevills/NA/Short film Scenario
Infinity/Alexandre Laugier/France/Full-Length Film Scenario
My Grandfather's Workshop/Daryl Peck/United States/Short film Scenario
Rambling Minds/Katelyn Harbert/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
Section IV/Kevin Capie/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
THE COLOR OF EVIL/Connie Corcoran Wilson, M.S./United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
The Dealer/Kerriyon Tillman/United States/Short film Scenario
The Engagement/Joseph Rossi, Anthony Calabrese/Canada/Short film Scenario
The Gargoyle/Simon Parker/United Kingdom/Full-Length Film Scenario
The Hook/Phillip E. Hardy/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
The Passageway/Dene Stark/Australia/Full-Length Film Scenario
The Swap/Steven M Nevills/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
Violette Hayes: A True Story/Giancarlo Fusi/United States/Short film Scenario
When the Walls Break/Paul Duran-Lemos/United States/Short film Scenario
Where Komainu Cry/Frank Baruch/United States/Full-Length Film Scenario
Window Creep/Rob Herzog/United States/Short film Scenario
X/Louise Johnson/United Kingdom/Short film Scenario