(December 2018)


Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Debut Film:
Lucky Fish/Philippe Bensadon/Israel/Experimental
The Heather Project/Gina Davies/Canada/Fiction

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Student Film:
Adeline/Audrey Biche/France/Fiction
Video Limbo/Antonio Luna/United States/Experimental

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Female Filmmaker:
Chimes/Jannine Benkhardt/Ireland/Fiction
Un Giorno - One Day/Silvia Zacchi/Italy/Experimental

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Silent Film:
Death is the Place on Earth/Anna Carvalho/United States/Fiction
Paris you got me/Julie Boehm/Germany/Fiction

WORLD CINEMA(Films over 60 minutes)

Official Selections:
Burnt Year/Ian Flick/United States/Fiction

Nominees for the Best Film award:
13 Graves/John Langridge/United Kingdom/Fiction
Among us - In The Land Of Our Shadows/Marc Fussing Rosbach/Greenland/Fiction
Paarane/Shreelesh S Nair/India/Experimental
Tunnelblick/Alek Imanov/Germany/Fiction

Winners of the Best Film award:
Body Kilombo/Leonel Costa/Brazil/Experimental
Trumped/Rodrigo Vazquez/United Kingdom/Fiction

IN BETWEEN(Films between 45 and 60 minutes)

Official Selections:
Jess, headwind./Sophie Glanddier/France/Documentary
Shucks/Ty Brueilly/United States/Experimental
The Universal Soldier: Vietnam/Michael T. Barry Jr./United States/Documentary
Too Young, Two Morning/Takuya Okamoto/Japan/Fiction

Nominees for the Best Film award:
A Rage/Jesse Sockwell/United States/Fiction
The Song Of Galesh/Kondor Shekari/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Documentary

Winners of the Best Film award:
Life Depart/Manuel Kamunen/Finland/Experimental
RunCamino/Adrian Dmoch/Poland/Documentary
The Music Box/Hendrik Harms/United Kingdom/Fiction

SHORT COMPETITION(Films between and 45 minutes)

Official Selections:
Blue Tomorrow/Numan Ayaz/Turkey/Animation
Dark Specter II/Richard Tatum/United States/Fiction
Special Delivery/John Galliano/United Kingdom/Fiction
Trap/Paul James/New Zealand/Animation
Void/Jesse Sockwell/United States/Fiction

Nominees for the Best Film award:
And So, I Would Like to Fly/Joao Couto/Peru/Documentary
Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning/Alain Bidard/France/Animation
Kenny/Erika A Edwards/United States/Experimental
Knut/Lu Pulici/Italy/Animation
Kommando 1944/Derek Quick/United States/Fiction
Lightning Strikes/Camille Calvin/United States/Experimental
Medioevo Elettrico/Paolo Treviso/Italy/Experimental
The Spirit Of Flatness/Pawel Jaworski/Poland/Documentary
Today, I Am Going the See the Arctic Ocean/Antonin Lechat/Russian Federation/Documentary
Vous/Pari Antoniou/Greece/Experimental
When The Fire Goes Down/Kerem Kurtulus/Turkey/Fiction

Winners of the Best Film award:
Starvation/Zahra Rostampour/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Animation
That Is All/Anna Robins/United States/Documentary
The Fox and The Dragon/Micah Taylor/United States/Fiction
Thlipsi /Fritz Frauendorf/United States/Experimental

IDEA(Films under 5 minutes)

Official Selections:
A New Way Home/Hannah Jackson/United States/Animation
DML/Tone Davies/United Kingdom/Fiction
Short Enough?/Darr Reitknecht/United States/Experimental
The Invisible Superman/Siqi Wu/China/Documentary
The Sandals of Jesus/Joao Couto/Peru/Documentary

Nominees for the Best Film award:
Accident de Personne/Alvaro Martin/Italy/Documentary
Attica Greece - In Motion/Stamatis Liontos/Greece/Documentary
Corporealitis/Beatriz Bagulho/Portugal/Animation
Dark Coffee/Eric Lampaert, Matthew Highton/United Kingdom/Fiction
Dull Hope/Brian Ratigan/United States/Experimental
I am sorry/Olejnik Kamil/France/Fiction
I Just Wanted to See You/Nikita Belomestnykh/United States/Fiction
Modernest/Freddy Merentes/United States/Animation
Petkutin and Kalina/Pavlina Braco/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Experimental
The Flight/Alain Bidard/France/Animation
The Shadow/Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran/United States/Experimental

Winners of the Best Film award:
Furrow (POC)/Jesse Haaja/Finland/Fiction
In the Tallgrass/Erin Anfinson/United States/Animation
Nothing Left Unsaid/Allexis Cruz/United States/Experimental
Sare Jahan Se Accha/Gurprasad Singh/India/Documentary


Official Selections:
Angels/Tone Davies/United Kingdom
I Need Love at Christmas/Frank Vespe/United States
Loose Lips/Sean Kirkland, Seth Donnelly/United States
Things Were Better Before/Lu Pulici/Italy

Nominees for the Best Music Video award:
Come Home With Me/Jo Enver/Singapore
Inside - The enigmatic story/Ola Kusmider/Poland
Nena & Dave Stewart - Be my Rebel/Virgil Widrich/Germany
Pulses/Carlos Garcia-Vidal/Spain

Winners of the Best Music Video award:
Bloodred Hourglass - Six Feet Savior/Jesse Haaja/Finland
Timeless/Farid Yahaghi/Canada


Winner of the Best Video Art award:
Lever/Lorenzo Papanti /Italy


Official Selections:
Black Sheep/Andrea Crow Gibson, Dallas Gibson/United States
Chapel: Ka-Bar/Tre Fergerson/United States
Reckoner/Ramazi Baranov/Cuba
Teddy Roosevelt and Fracking/Pam Falkenberg, Jack Cochran/United States
The Mirage of Love/Charith Lakshminarayan/India
The Revenge/Renzo Penin/United States
Two Rivers/Melonie Gartner/United States
Veterans in Blue/Andy Fox/United States
WAR : Rescue. Release. Repeat./Biswanath Rath/India
Where the Great Spirits Live/Melonie Gartner/United States

Nominees for the Best Trailer award:
Aysaan/Farid Tahmasebi/Iran, Islamic Republic of
Complacency/Mark Riddle, Ximena Rios/Canada
Party Animals/Majid Alkhatib/United States
Round One/Ondra Berry II/United States
The Guardian/Charith lakshminarayan/India
Tunnelblick/Alek Imanov/Germany
Two Go In… One Comes Out/Brian T Shirley/United States

Winners of the Best Trailer award:
Em Jay/Oliver Marsden/Australia
Jack/Daniele Nicolosi/Italy
Last Breach/Christos Filippou/Greece


Official Selections:
Crying/Karlo Oliveira/Brazil/Short Film Scenario
Hell's Half Acre/Phillip Hardy/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
I Believe in Fairies!/Giorgio Marconi/Italy/Short Film Scenario
John Horse /Walt Alexander, James Riordan/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Little Things Mean a Lot/Michael Monteith/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Live/David Becerra/United States/Short Film Scenario
Moon Over The Hill/Stan Barton/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Monochrome/Sierra Moeykens/United States/Short Film Scenario
Photograph/Kiran Soma/United States/Short Film Scenario
Skewed Blue/Andrea Gibson/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Stiletto/Conor Waldron/Ireland/Short Film Scenario
Stranger Danger/Dan A, Edwards/United States/Short Film Scenario
Systems/Jesse Blaskovits/Canada/Full-length Film Scenario
The New Wine/Matthew Douglas Pinard/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Terror at Mason Manor/Arturo Portillo/United States/Full-length Film Scenario

Nominees for the Best Screenplay award:
Bleak Encounters/Aidan Rawnsley/Canada/Full-length Film Scenario
Homecoming/Kevin Capie/United States/Short Film Scenario
Lycanthrope/Roger Sampson/United States/Short Film Scenario
Marbles/Adriana Jungbluth/Brazil/Short Film Scenario
Motel/Madigan Bachman/United States/Short Film Scenario
The God Particle - 'Resurrection'/Tom Rico/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Seven Summer Muses/Jim Catizone/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Ube Bubog, Vol. One, 'School of Hard Knocks'/Sway Stagall/Philippines/Full-length Film Scenario
Would you rather/Rute Amieiro/Portugal/Short Film Scenario

Winners of the Best Screenplay award:
Bats In The Belfry/Glenys S Dube/South Africa/Short Film Scenario
Misdial/Joshua Fagan/Canada/Full-length Film Scenario
On the Run/Raisa Norberg/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Push Past Future/Maria Judice/United States/Short Film Scenario
Round One/Ondra Berry II/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Social Doctor/Matteo Valentini/United Kingdom/Short Film Scenario


Nominees for the Best Lyrics award:
Hope Is the Thing with Feathers/Camellia Yuan/United States

Winners of the Best Lyrics award:
Best Actor /Debra Gussin/United States


Nominees for the Best Photography award:
Miss Universe 2017/Ricardo Soto/United States

Winners of the Best Photography award:
Death by Social Media/Rebecca Martine/United States