(February 2019)


Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Debut Film:
Fracture/Shahram Khatti/ Iran, Islamic Republic of/ Fiction
The Carpark/Nor Hisham/Singapore/fiction

Winner of the Special Jury Award for the Best Student Film:
The Five Rules of Weed/Derick Campbell/Canada/Fiction

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Female Filmmaker:
Breasts Undressed/Louise Pack/United Kingdom/Documentary

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Silent Film:
The Maze/Franco Lucchetti, Mauro Villani/Italy/Fiction
The Wait of Stones/Dave Huber/United States/Fiction

WORLD CINEMA(Films over 60 minutes)

Official Selections:
Guitar Days - An Unlikely Story Of Brazilian Music/Caio Augusto Braga/Brazil/Documentary
Occupants/Russ Emanuel/United States/Fiction
Pride of wisdom/Dharani Rajendran /India/Fiction

Nominees for the Best Film award:
Io, Braga e Il Violoncello/Giuliano Braga/Italy/Documentary
Search Engines/Russell Brown/United States/Fiction
Susan/Mahmoud Shoolizadeh/United Kingdom/Fiction

Winners of the Best Film award:
Like Harvey Like Son/Rudy Harris Jr./United States/Documentary
Odyssee/Nikolas Darnstadt/Germany/Experimental
Pair Down/Jim Menza/United States/Fiction

IN BETWEEN(Films between 45 and 60 minutes)

Official Selections:
Shatter the Silence/Cheryl Allison/United States/Documentary

Nominees for the Best Film award:
Women of the Gulag/Marianna Yarovskaya/United States/Documentary

Winners of the Best Film award:
Black Gold/Aaron Huggett/Canada/Fiction
Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America/Bill Wisneski/United States/Documentary

SHORT COMPETITION(Films between and 45 minutes)

Official Selections:
A Most Savage Beast/Theo Hogben/Norway/Fiction
Animobiles/Alberto Chumaceiro, Mauricio Rodriguez Pons/Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of/Animation
Chip McDougal: Neighborhood Watch/Vince Arrigo/United States/Experimental
Ladybug/Nick Lopez/United States/Fiction
Nightmare/Sevra Baklaci/Turkey/Fiction
Project Max/Aidar Gabdrakhmanov/Russian Federation/Fiction
Room 106/Alexander McKee/United States/Experimental
The Night of the Hungry Turtles/Shamila Lengsfeld/Germany/Fiction
Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts/Prabda Yoon/Thailand/Fiction
Under The Blanket/Tatia Akhalshenashvili/Georgia/Documentary
Unseen Photos of Anfal/Hawraz Muhamed, Nabaz Ahmed/Iraq/Documentary
Until Then/Nergis Senturk/Turkey/Fiction

Nominees for the Best Film award:
A waste in Time/Wolf Turner/United States/Fiction
Blame yourselves if no one comes/Gustav Egerstedt/Sweden/Documentary
Cesium/Martina Di Blasio/Italy/Experimental
Escape from Planet Zero/Walton Zed/Italy/Animation
Naera/Ramiro Munoz/Australia/Documentary
Red Blanket/Erol Celik/Turkey/Fiction
Salt and Sand/Ashton Shemet/United States/Experimental
The Hair/Dariush Rezaei/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Fiction
The Night We Met/Andrea Cramarossa/Italy/Experimental

Winners of the Best Film award:
Anacronte/Raul Koler, Emiliano Sette/Argentina/Animation
BackTrack/Virgil Widrich/Austria/Experimental
Kwabena/Dewun Owusu/United States/Documentary
Trunk/Robert Dean/United States/Fiction

IDEA(Films under 5 minutes)

Official Selections:
Sensus/Evelyn Kreinecker/Austria/Animation
The Mirror/Massimiliano Mauceri/Italy/Fiction
The Sweetest Death/Matthew D Gilpin/United Kingdom/Fiction
Walk/Diana Cordova/Peru/Documentary

Nominees for the Best Film award:
A Letter from Leticia/Irene Blei/Argentina/Documentary
Game Time/Paul Hickert/United States/Animation
Missed Calls/Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran/United States/Experimental
Street Scene/Chad Knuth/United States/Fiction

Winners of the Best Film award:
Cincuenta (Fifity)/Alberto Chumaceiro/Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of/Documentary
Droid Dreams/John Maslowski/United States/Animation
Trying/Isabel Macmaster/Australia/Fiction
white dialogue/Dieter Grohmann, Shania Vandezande/Austria/Experimental


Official Selections:
Mein Konig/Ronny Strehmann/Germany

Nominees for the Best Music Video award:
More than a Mountain/Heather McKay/United States
Tonight/Daniel Alejandro/Australia

Winner of the Best Music Video award:
Love Is The Only River/Rickie 'Typo' Crouch/United States


Official Selections:
Never We See/Mike Repel/United States

Nominees for the Best Trailer award:
Just For The Money/Juan Galindez/United Kingdom
Kennedy/Domanique Cummings/United States

Winner of the Best Trailer award:
Dine with the Devil/Brian T Shirley/United States


Official Selections:
Flying Bird's Diary/Melissa Tantaquidgeon/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Perfectly Normal in Flagstaff/SherLann D. Moore/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Clock/David Whelan/Ireland/Full-length Film Scenario

Nominees for the Best Screenplay award:
A Phantom Pain/Adam O'Byrne/Ireland/Short Film Scenario
Gone Fishing/Noah Eisenstein/United States/Short Film Scenario
Lies and White Lies/Elisa Manzini/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Glade/Dallas Gibson/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Old Punchin' Bag/Guilherme Martins/Brazil/Short Film Scenario
Untitled Firefighter Sitcom/Haley Snowden/United States/Short Film Scenario
Wake up/Iman Davari/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Short Film Scenario

Winners of the Best Screenplay award:
In the times of my general/Sandra Becerril Robledo/Mexico/Full-length Film Scenario
Mother/Sevra Baklaci/Turkey/Short Film Scenario
Nina/Bojana Sutic/Italy/Full-length Film Scenario
Papa/Brian Peery/United States/Short Film Scenario
Rabbit Still Hiding/Hakan Unal/Turkey/Short Film Scenario
Rodeo Rock Record Shop/Devin Dugan/United States/Full-length Film Scenario


Winner of the Best Poster & Photography award:
Fish Inside Me!/Ziad mazraany/Lebanon