(January 2019)


Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Debut Film:
Papa-Figo/Alex Reis/Brazil/Fiction
Music Of Freedom: A Brief History of Ryazan Metal/Maxim Poltavchenko/Russian Federation/Documentary

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Student Film:
Public Toilets of Auckland/Phoebe Driver/New Zealand/Documentary
Rise in Darkness/Paint VK/Canada/Experimental

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Female Filmmaker:
Collision/Tiffany Rhodes/United States/Fiction
The Locals/Alpha Nicky/France/Documentary

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Silent Film:
Emarri/Ander Iriarte/Spain/Documentary
Marco/Alberto Pérez/Spain/Fiction

WORLD CINEMA(Films over 60 minutes)

Official Selections:
Journey to Hope/Anita Kruse/United States/Documentary
Plastic Boy/Sam Plommer/United Kingdom/Fiction
Super Tinga Hero From Two Continents/Luciano Moucks , Luciana Rodrigues/Brazil/Documentary

Nominees for the Best Film award:
A Tin Bird's Song/Konstantin von Sichart/Germany/Fiction
Ludo Is Fantastic/Willie Stewart/Ireland/Documentary
Mi Sangre Enarbolada/Luis Palomino Benítez/Mexico/Documentary
Moscow on the Beach/Elena Cosson Kizilova/France/Fiction
No Knock List/Rich Rule/United States/Fiction

Winners of the Best Film award:
Kindred Creatures/Samuel Sprynczynatyk/United States/Documentary
The Legend/Florian Hessique/France/Fiction

IN BETWEEN(Films between 45 and 60 minutes)

Official Selections:
Crazy Dog/Masa Yamashita/Japan/Fiction
Jaguar: Going Electric/Ben Lawrie/United Kingdom/Documentary

Nominees for the Best Film award:
The Other Side Of Me/Roseline Gnapi/United States/Fiction
Walking on water/Gianmarco D'Agostino/Italy/Documentary

Winners of the Best Film award:
A Bittersweet Dilemma/Yang, Chao-Chun/Taiwan/Documentary
Dasfurtenfaf/Konrad Aksinowicz/Poland/Experimental
Shapes/Francesco Reale, Julian Reale/Canada/Fiction

SHORT COMPETITION(Films between and 45 minutes)

Official Selections:
Acaiaca/Axel Sande/Brazil/Animation
Bats In The Belfry/Glenys S Dube/South Africa/Experimental
It's Quiet Here/Jeff Van Gerwen/United States/Fiction
Lazarus' Resurrection Won't Do Any Good/Clodoaldo Lino/Brazil/Experimental
Not Kidding/Bettina Hanna, Trish Pavlecich/United States/Documentary
Roommate Wanted for the End of the World/Stephen Osborne/Australia/Fiction
The Lake - FC30/Edward Kowzan/Russian Federation/Fiction
Voices from Zaatari/Théo Collet/France/Documentary

Nominees for the Best Film award:
Against The Current/Albert Negrete/United States/Documentary
Curtains/John Pope/United States/Experimental
Hallowstide/Steve Socki/United States/Animation
Rite/Casey Vernon/United States/Animation
Terra/Sarah Griffith/United States/Experimental
The Sorrow of our House/Kirsten Gainet/Russian Federation/Documentary
Trigger Finger/Nick Nevern/United Kingdom/Fiction
What Happened to Kali/Blake Ridder/United Kingdom/Fiction

Winners of the Best Film award:
Job Life/Roberto I. Ercolalo/Argentina/Experimental
Let us be Heroes - The True Cost of our Food Choices/Rebecca Cappelli, Abhi Anchliya/Singapore/Documentary
Tasouki/Pouria Pishvaei/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Fiction
The Spirit Seam/Ashley Gerst/United States/Animation

IDEA(Films under 5 minutes)

Official Selections:
Aleph/Jonathan Sirtes Sharon/Israel/Experimental
Panic Attack!/Eileen O'Meara/United States/Animation
The Eternal Footman/Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran/United States/Experimental
The Stop/Komrakova Liudmila/Russian Federation/Fiction
The World in Words: The car/Andrzej Majewski/Germany/Fiction

Nominees for the Best Film award:
Covenant/Sean R Kelly, Remsy Atassi/United States/Experimental
Facility 003 Episode 1/Ace Kim/United States/Animation
Return/Valentina Bespalaia/Russian Federation/Fiction
When You've Finished Recording/Mitchell Kennard Francis/United States/Fiction
Wired/Zeyu Ren/United States/Animation

Winners of the Best Film award:
A Not So Scary Story/Nick Sherman/United States/Experimental
Couples Therapy/Tatjana Anders/United Kingdom/Fiction
Koyun/Sevinç Mutlu/Turkey/Animation
Lost in Phone/Yongji Chen, Mengchen Zhao/United States/Animation


Official Selections:
Ka Ka Ka Ka/Xueou Yu/China
Moan/Wallace Woo/France
RVTV Christmas Special/Wanda Borland/United States

Nominees for the Best Music Video award:
The Ghost And The Machine - Caroline/Heidi Fial, Christopher Lettner/Austria
Wonderwall/Alexander Denysenko/Ukraine

Winner of the Best Music Video award:
La Dispute - Rose Quartz , Fulton Street I/Sarah Schmidt/United States


Official Selection:
To the Paradise/Susana Barbará/Argentina

Nominee for the Best Video Art award:
Idle, Torrent/Alex Moy/United States

Winner of the Best Video Art award:
A Day With My Family/Anton Knight/Canada


Official Selections:
Don't Look At Me/Mauro Villani/Italy
Figment/Antonio Jefferson/United States
Riscado/Cleuberth Choi, Cristina/Brazil
The Revenge/Renzo Penín/United States
World War III/Alex Zarfati II/United States

Nominees for the Best Trailer award:
One/Roman Sinitsyn/Russian Federation
Replacement/Alessandra Salvoldi, Marco Pacchiana/Italy

Winner of the Best Trailer award:
Different Threads of Fate/Nazar Germanov/Ukraine


Official Selections:
Conversations with the Night Demon/Delraj Singh Takher/United Kingdom/Full-length Film Scenario
His Period/Nihal Vasudevan/United States/Short Film Scenario
Sleep No More/Iman Davari/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Full-length Film Scenario

Nominees for the Best Screenplay award:
Andrews Justice/Reese Eveneshen/Canada/Full-length Film Scenario
Ghosts Don't Sleep/Rute Amieiro/Portugal/Full-length Film Scenario
SSB/Kayla Sutton/United States/Short Film Scenario
Un-Erasable/Briana Bougard/United States/Short Film Scenario

Winners of the Best Screenplay award:
Achin/Pamela Khadra/Lebanon/Short Film Scenario
My Friend Kyle/Julian Bussells/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
The Feast of the Goat/Saeed Zamanian/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Short Film Scenario


Nominee for the Best Poster & Photography award:
The Impeccable/David West, Tim Labonte/United States

Winner of the Best Poster & Photography award:
The Gateway/Vincenzo De Sio/United States