Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Debut Film:
Dogma/Guilherme Dessa/Portugal/Fiction
Eleven Eleven/Chris Redish/United States/Fiction

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Student Film:
Bloodhound Disciple/Manuel Del Valle/United States/Fiction
Detective Dover/Tor Gudmestad/United Kingdom/Fiction

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Female Filmmaker:
Beautified/Emily Haigh/United Kingdom/Fiction
Gasp/Constance McIntyre/United States/Fiction
With Love, Joey./Joey Ooi Bee Law/Malaysia/Documentary

Winners of the Special Jury Award for the Best Silent Film:
A lost penny/Madeleine Clair/France/Fiction
FILMESQUE/Vincenzo De Sio/Italy/Animation
Sound Sleep/Bharathkumar Balemane/United States/Fiction

WORLD CINEMA(Films over 60 minutes)

Winners of the Best Film award:
AFREEN/Aashish Chanana/Canada/Fiction
Bent On Somnolence/Timothy McCarthy/United States/Experimental
Soo/Maryam Razzaghi/Iran, Islamic Republic of/Documentary
The Hog’s Dice/Deng Bochao/China/Animation

IN BETWEEN(Films between 45 and 60 minutes)

Winners of the Best Film award:
Dream·Walk/Bo Li/China/Fiction
Post Tenebras/Apostolos Karoulas/Greece/Experimental
The Pacifist/Alex Zhort/United States/Documentary

SHORT COMPETITION(Films between and 45 minutes)

Winners of the Best Film award:
ABEO/Brenda Lopez/Canada/Animation
Nobody Dies Here/Simon Panay/France/Documentary
On/Lucas Romano/Brazil/Fiction
Shadow/Sofia Kalogianni/Greece/Experimental

IDEA(Films under 5 minutes)

Winners of the Best Film award:
Dispassion/Isaac Ruiz Gastélum/Mexico/Experimental
Shaholly/Wojciech Lorenc/United States/Documentary
The Balking Dead/John Maslowski/United States/Animation
VISCERA/Rafi Tannous/Lebanon/Fiction


Winner of the Best Music Video award:
The Quiet Beauty/Simone Hooymans/Norway


Winner of the Best Video Art award:
STARHAWKS/Jorge Pavajeau/United States


Winner of the Best Trailer award:
TCHAIKOVSKY IN LOVE/Ian Woodward/United Kingdom


Winners of the Best Screenplay award:
CHIEF NIP/Dawn Brown/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
Garage Sale/Deanne Devine/United States/Full-length Film Scenario
GO(O)D EVENING/Radoslav Stoyanov/Austria/Short Film Scenario
Kaleidoscope/Gary Curtis/United Kingdom/Short Film Scenario
The Buffinator/John Maslowski/United States/Short Film Scenario
The Kiss Goodbye/Afonso J Henrique, Marcelino Sorza/United States/Short Film Scenario
Wolves of Beirut/Kat Sparks/United States/Full-length Film Scenario